Selected Experience

The attorneys at Wallace & Nordan LLP are proud to have served so many wonderful clients for more than 35 years, in many cases enjoying decades-long relationships with them. In every engagement, we work to address some of our clients’ most significant challenges by utilizing our extensive experience and providing expertise and advice at the highest levels.

Elections Law Counsel, Governance, and Compliance
Elections Proceedings and Investigations
Nonprofit Formation and Guidance
Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration, and Estate Litigation
General Corporate Formation and Guidance
Commercial Litigation

Elections Law Counsel, Governance, and Compliance

‣ Serve as General Counsel to the North Carolina Democratic Party
‣ Represented Obama for America and the Campaign for Change as State Counsel
‣ Review political advertisements for legal compliance and defend clients in defamation actions
‣ Form and advise referendum committees; manage compliance matters and ongoing advertising
‣ Advise federal committees on reporting requirements and engagement with state races
‣ Create customized election manuals for clients engaging in public discourse

Elections Proceedings and Investigations

‣ Appear frequently before the NC State Board of Elections and County Boards of Elections representing party, committee, and candidate clients
‣ Form committees, file complaints, and respond to investigations before the Federal Election Commission
‣ Litigated challenges to state laws governing election procedures and First Amendment rights in federal court at both trial and appellate levels
‣ Advise and represent lobbyists and lobbyist principals regarding registration, reporting, campaign, and ethics matters, as well as investigations before the NC Secretary of State
‣ Represented a candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction in an election contest, including in proceedings before the NC State Board of Elections, in Superior Court, before the North Carolina Supreme Court, and in the North Carolina General Assembly
‣ Served as attorney for the Cherokee Board of Elections and Cherokee Tribal Council before the Eastern Band of Cherokee Supreme Court
‣ Defended the campaign committee of the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives during proceedings before the State Board of Elections and in Superior Court
‣ Represented a national 527 organization when its fundraising and spending practices that were challenged in proceedings before the State Board of Elections and Superior Court
‣ Represented a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture before the State Board of Elections and Superior Court in an election contest arising from the general election

Nonprofit Formation and Guidance

‣ Form and represent environmental, educational, civil rights, social justice, public interest, women’s rights, criminal justice reform, election reform
‣ Advise nonprofits on corporate structure and governance
‣ Review corporate formation documents and counsel clients on amendments to corporate documents
‣ Created and represented the educational foundation of a former Governor of North Carolina
‣ Form, advise, and represent trade associations
‣ Advise and represent individual non-profit members engaging in coalitions
‣ Obtain charitable solicitation licensure and exemptions
‣ Develop firewall agreements and policies

Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration, and Estate Litigation

‣ Draft wills, trust documents, powers of attorney, and other estate-related documents
‣ Serve as executor and trustee for various clients
‣ Probate wills before North Carolina Courts
‣ Represent numerous decedents’ estates before clerks of court

General Corporate Formation and Guidance

‣ Executed multi-million dollar corporate acquisition for commercial client
‣ Provide general counsel-type services to numerous clients: review and negotiation of leases, drafting and execution of employment contracts, addressing workforce matters, and negotiating contracts with vendors and independent contractors
‣ Assisted clients in managing large real estate holdings

Commercial Litigation

‣ Represented plaintiff in lawsuit against limited partnership on claims of abuse of process, wrongful attachment and malicious prosecution
‣ Represented employer in enforcement of noncompetition/nonsolicitation agreements contained in an employment contract
‣ Responded to False Claims Act investigation on behalf of client
‣ Represented an agricultural enterprise in a trial before the United States District Court and on appeal in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
‣ Defended rental car company at trial and appellate levels against claims of negligent entrustment where driver of rental vehicle was involved in head-on collision which killed passenger in other vehicle
‣ Represented several employers in lawsuits arising from employee embezzlement activities and obtained recovery of stolen funds
‣ Defended debtor in adversary proceeding and parallel state court proceeding regarding the conveyance of title of real estate as part of the liquidation of the debtor’s assets
‣ Represented client at trial and on appeal involving a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in a patent infringement and unfair trade practices case
‣ Defended a class action regarding advertisements in South Carolina state court
‣ Represented plaintiff in action seeking insurance coverage under advertising injury and general liability policies
‣ Defended HMO limited liability company in class action by HMO members seeking greater benefits
‣ Defended ERISA benefits and pension claim by terminated executive employee